Well Wishes

We would like to let everyone know that your presence is really more than enough for our wedding. Seriously, there are so many of you coming from afar (invites have stretched from England to Mayanmar to Argentina!) we are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives that are willing make the trek to share our special day!

However, if you stubbornly insist that a gift is needed, Amy did drag Josh to the Bay we created a small registry at The Bay. And of course any contributions to our honeymoon are also greatly appreciated (see link on the Honeymoon! page)

Thank you all so much, whether you can make it or not to the wedding, for your love and support on our new adventure together as husband and wife.


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  • Jean Pitre

    Amy – I am so very pleased and happy for you. I hope this young man knows what a treaure you are. Love you. Jean

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