For those needing accommodations, whether you’re an out-of-towner or want to enjoy the night without worrying about cabbing a long distance home, we have a solution! As much as I would love to have people stay with us, our tiny shoebox would be pretty crowded 🙂 The link below will direct you to the information and rates for the Sandman Signature Hotel in Langley. It is probably a 5 minute drive to Redwoods from the hotel, so it’s nice and close, which is super handy! There are two Sandman locations in Langley (super close together as well, which is silly) so please ensure you are going to the Signature location south of Highway #1 and not north of the highway.

If you are choosing to book a room, please ensure you reference the Group # and let them know it is for the Huff & Davis Wedding.

Huff & Davis – Hotel Block

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